“Finally got in!”

That is a common joy from the line waiters as this cosy Fitzroy North restaurant, which fills up your tummy with delicious Moroccan vegetarian food.

Don’t be alarmed just because I’ve mentioned vegetarian, but I’ll promise you this – the food will change your mind!

This restaurant often has a line waiting outside at the early hours of the evening at 6pm, 7pm or even 8pm. Its popularity comes from its soups and its famous $20 banquet by a “verbal menu” (that is something you’ll understand when you order there).

I’ve been to this eatery twice and both times (at 8pm = 45min wait, and at 6pm = 0 min wait) have been a delightful treat. The $20 banquet menu is priced per person and it includes homemade dips with bread, three main dishes (couscous, chickpeas with almonds and crispy bits, and saffron rice with lentils) to share, plus dessert (think rosewater) with Moroccan tea or coffee.

You can’t go wrong with choosing the banquet but you can have leftovers, so a word of advice – make sure you arrive on an empty stomach or else bring your Tupperware to ‘doggie bag’ the leftovers.

Bookings allowed for only 6 people or more.
(03) 9482 4240

Opens Tuesday to Sunday, 6pm to 10pm

183 St Georges Rd Fitzroy North, VIC

Famous for its $20 banquet


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